Theme Documentation

Use the instructions contained herein to build out your awesome websites with our NationBuilder Mega-Theme & Custom Themes.

Theme Documentation Definitions

Here's a quick list of terms you'll find throughout the documentation.

Action Page

A page containing a specific action form (like a Petition, Volunteer Signup, Donation, etc). More Info

Content Block

A modular section on a website that has a unique design for content. Think of our content blocks as building blocks for your website. More Info

Content Section

Refers to the part of a page that is populated by that page's content editor in the backend of NationBuilder.


The bottom part of a website that usually contains any legal verbiage and other logistical information.

Hero Section

Refers to the top portion of a webpage directly underneath the top navigation bar. Usually contains the page's headline, subheadline, and a background image/video if applicable.

Landing Page

A page on a website that users will land on first. Could be the homepage, a splash page, an action page linked via an advertisement, or anything else. Usually will contain a specific action you want the user to complete. More Info

Sibling Page

Pages that are subpages of the same parent page.

Splash Page

A temporary home/landing page for your website. A user will only see this page once (assuming they don't clear their browsing data). Good for specific, time-sensitive actions you want users to take.

Top Navigation Bar

Refers to the top part of a website that usually contains a logo and links to internal pages on the site.