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Additional Social Media Icons

By default, only your site's main broadcaster's connected Facebook and/or Twitter accounts will populate social media widgets and icons throughout the site.

However, where there are social media icons displayed [example shown below], you can easily add additional icons (like for Instagram, Youtube, Linked In, etc).

Places like this are in the secondary nav, the mobile navigation menu, some of the footers on our themes, and potentially other places after the time of writing.


Generally, the code for those places will look like the following image, where the Facebook and Twitter is dynamically populated and other options are present but commented out.


To add one of these icons, simply cut the appropriate code (in the below image, it's Instagram) and paste it in the appropriate place, usually after the {% endif %} from the Twitter icon like so. Then, replace what's inside the href="" (in this example, it's with your social media account's URL, like so:


A List of Files Where You Might Do This:
  • _nm-partial-secondary-nav.html for the secondary nav icons.
  • Either _nav.html or _nm-partial-block-nav.html for the mobile menu icons, depending on which Top Navigation Bar your theme uses.
  • _nm-partial-footer-two.html if your footer includes icons.