Theme Documentation

Use the instructions contained herein to build out your awesome websites with our NationBuilder Mega-Theme & Custom Themes.

Layout Variables

If you have confidence in changing true to false and vice versa in the following image, you can customize the layout of your theme even further:


  1. Go to Theme → Files → layout.html.
  2. Find these variable declarations (as of the time of writing this, they begin on line 76, but that could change slightly by the time you read this).
  3. Change whatever you like.
  4. Apply any changes you make in layout.html to layout_protected.html and splash.html. If you change show_subpage_excerpt or show_homepage_excerpt, replicate the changes in _nm-partial-content-hero.html as well. The variable declarations are easy to find at the very top.

NOTE: The variable show_homepage_excerpt has a value of show_subpage_excerpt. This just means it's inheriting whatever value show_subpage_excerpt has. You can change this to true or false if you don't want those values connected.

Here's what the variables do:

social_sign_in: Displays the Facebook and Twitter sign up buttons on the default homepage signup form and the default sidebar signup form.


show_supporter_status: Displays a logged-in user's supporter status checklist in the sidebar.


nm_breadcrumbs: Displays breadcrumbs and share buttons right below a page's hero section. Also hides the page's parent page link that would normally appear above a subpage's headline, as this becomes redundant with the breadcrumbs.


sidebar_left: Moves the default sidebar to the left side of pages. The default is on the right.

secondary_nav: Displays a small bar above the main top navigation bar that has social buttons and user account links.


wide_secondary_nav: Makes the content in the secondary_nav full width instead of slightly less (like in the above image). Usually, you do not need to worry about this variable unless you're using a top navigation bar that is itself full width. In this case, you will most likely have purchased a theme where the variable will already have the correct value, so you won't need to touch it.

footer_img_social: If your site has Facebook and/or Twitter connected, it will display these on top of the footer image.

show_subpage_excerpt: Displays a page's Settings → Social media → Excerpt for Facebook, search engines in the hero section of all page's but the home page (show_homepage_excerpt below handles the homepage).

VERY IMPORTANT: If you change this variable, you also need to go into Theme → Files → _nm-partial-content-hero.html and change it there too. It's easy to find at the very top.


show_homepage_excerpt: Displays the home page's Settings → Social media → Excerpt for Facebook, search engines in the hero section. By default, this value inherits from show_subpage_excerpt's variable. 

VERY IMPORTANT: If you change this variable, you also need to go into Theme → Files → _nm-partial-content-hero.html and change it there too. It's easy to find at the very top.