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Including Images in a Page's Content Section

NOTE: This is different from hero section background images.

To include an image in a page's content section:

  1. Go to that page's Files.
  2. Upload the image.
  3. Go to that page's content section.
  4. Click the tree in the content editor's toolbar (circled in blue below).
  5. In the pop up that appears, select the appropriate image from the Image List.
  6. Select/input any appropriate options in the pop up. then click Insert.

NOTE: You can skip steps 1 and 2 if you already have the image's URL. You can just paste it in to the Image URL field instead of step 5.


Some, but not all, available options:
  • In the tree pop up, assigning an Alignment of Left or Right will wrap any text around the image.
  • In the tree pop up, we usually leave Dimensions empty (it will take up a maximum of the full-width of the content section, but no wider) or give it a percentage width (the first Dimensions box) like 35% and leave the height (the second Dimensions box) blank.
  • In the tree pop up, we usually leave Vertical Space and Horizontal Space empty. Then, depending on our alignment of the image, we will
    1. Select the image by clicking it (or clicking then dragging the cursor over it).
    2. Click the Double A's (circled in green above) in the content editor's toolbar.
    3. In the pop up that appears, we'll navigate to the Box tab.
    4. In the bottom right under Margin, we'll uncheck Same for All.
    5. We'll then assign an appropriate image margin. For example, if we aligned the image to the left, we'd give it a Right margin of 15 pixels and a Bottom margin of 8 pixels, leaving the Left and Top margins blank.