Theme Documentation

Use the instructions contained herein to build out your awesome websites with our NationBuilder Mega-Theme & Custom Themes.

Footer Content

  1. Go to Site settingsFooter.
  2. Whatever you enter here will be wrapped in a border [shown below]. It’s a good place for Paid for by _________ type content and other legal stuff.
  3. From your nation menu (the big blue bar at the top), go to SettingsContact:
  4. The Organization name field will populate with your copyright information [shown below]. So If your organization name is Lorem Ipsum Dolor, your copyright information will say Lorem Ipsum Dolor © 2017. All Rights Reserved.
  5. If you’ve filled out the address fields here, the address will display above or below (depending on whether you entered content in steps 1 and 2) the copyright verbiage [shown below].