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Email Template Social Media Icons

By default, if the broadcaster sending the email has Facebook and/or Twitter connected, the footer of the email will contain the appropriate icon(s) and link to the appropriate Facebook and/or Twitter pages.


Should you wish to include additional social icons (like Instagram, YouTube, etc), you can easily include them like so:

  1. Find an email blast that used/is using the Mega-Theme email template. IMPORTANT: Make sure the Theme → Current custom theme is your Mega-Theme email template. If it's not, see here.
  2. Go to it's Theme → Current custom theme → HTML template.
  3. Find the social media icon code in your email template [shown below]. As of time of writing, it starts on line 137.


  4. After the Facebook and Twitter code, you'll see a bunch of code wrapped in {% comment %} and {% endcomment %} tags.
  5. Inside these tags is Instagram, Google Plus, Youtube, Linked In, and Flickr code.
  6. Notice the pattern: each begins with <a href="#" style="text-decoration: none;padding: 0 0px;"> and ends with </a>
  7. Depending on which icon you want to use, cut the appropriate code and paste it in between the <!-- Paste Additional Social Media Here --><!--/ Paste Additional Social Media Here --> comments. 
  8. Lastly, replace the # (hashtag symbol) with the URL of the social media page you want to link to.

Overall, doing this for Instagram would look like this, replacing your_handle_here with the Instagram handle you want to link to: